See Yourself Sexy…

With a passion for creating beautiful imagery of the bodies that surround me I opened my home studio in 2018. The year prior, I found myself lost. I was fighting a transition personally and creatively. I was searching for a new place to land and digging within to find it. It was incredibly disruptive until I finally opened up to my inner voice and started letting go of the things that kept me from self discovery.

I knew I wanted to create a space where it was okay for all shapes and sizes of bodies to feel sensual, provocative and flirtatious. I, like so many of us, had a desire to love my body and be proud of it even at times when feeling that I wasn’t at my best. And this space was created for simply that. To make a KICK ASS documentation of this part of your journey, no matter where you came from and where you are going. You’ll never be RIGHT HERE ever again. NEVER. And I want to photograph you and show you how truly BEAUTIFUL you are.

I have had so many people join me in the journey to discover sexy and tasteful boudoir photography. They have let go of stigma and allowed themselves to be anything they wished by doing an After Dark session. I welcome you to take that journey with me and see yourself beautiful and sexy.

*top photo by Miranda Parker / bottom photos by Annie Noelker